Terms & Conditions

It is the responsibility of the customer to read the following terms and conditions. By placing an order with Mimi's Treats & Sprinkles you are agreeing to the following;


The prices of our treats will be the price given on the Mimi's Treats & Sprinkles website.

Prices for our custom cakes and cupcakes will be provided following a discussion of your requirements.

Deposits/payment and cancellations


For our treats we will require full payment at the point of order via our website.

For our custom cupcakes we will require a non-refundable booking fee which will be deducted from the total balance. The remaining balance will be payable 1-2 weeks prior to collection/delivery. An invoice will be emailed to you with details of how to pay.

Any cancellations by the customer up to 4 days prior to delivery/collection we will issue a full refund minus the non-refundable booking fee unless specific personalised materials have been ordered in which case the cost of these will be deducted from the refund.

For any cancellations by the customer between 4 days and 48 hours of delivery/collection we will refund 50% of the balance of the order minus the non-refundable booking fee, unless specific personalised materials have been ordered in which case the cost of these will be deducted from the refund.

No refund will be given should the customer cancel the order within 48 hours of delivery/collection

Cancellation by Mimi's Treats & Sprinkles

We will always do our best to fulfil all our order requests. However, we shall not be liable for any failure/delay to provide an order where such failure/delay results from any circumstances beyond our reasonable control. This includes but is not limited to fire, flood, accident, adverse weather conditions, traffic congestion, mechanical breakdown. In any case of cancellation by Mimi's Treats & Sprinkles refunds will be given at the discretion of the company.

Cake design

At Mimi’s Treats & Sprinkles we understand how important your celebration cake and cupcakes are to you and your loved ones. When asked to create custom cakes and cupcakes we will consider all your wishes and discuss the design until you are happy.

In the instance where a customer provides a photo of a cake design we will use the image as inspiration.. However, we will not exactly replicate the image as we prefer to use our own creativity to provide you with your own unique cake and cupcakes. This includes photos of any of Mimi’s Treats & Sprinkles own work. Several factors such as materials, lighting and conditions could mean that the cake design may vary.

Whilst we will do our best to make sure your cakes and cupcakes look as fabulous as possible it is food and the quality of the taste and texture is always at the forefront of our minds. This could sometimes mean that the design might need to be altered to preserve/protect the integrity of the cake.

Please be aware that Mimi’s Treats & Sprinkles does not hold a licence to sell alcohol. This means that although we can bake cakes with alcohol in them we cannot by law purchase any alcohol to be used in the design. Should your design require this you are welcome to purchase the alcohol yourself and we can place it onto the cake.

Non-edible items

Some of our cakes may contain inedible items such as dowels, supports, wires in sugar flowers etc. The customer will be advised of any inedible items, and it will be their responsibility to ensure removal of the items prior to consumption.

Use of photos

Mimi's Treats & Sprinkles reserves the right to photograph your cake or other treats for our own reference, display or promotional advertising without compensation to the customer.

Travelling with your cake

When travelling with your cake/cupcakes, care should be taken to prevent any damage occurring to the cake. We advise that cakes should be placed on a flat surface, either in the boot or the foot well of the car and with the air con on. Please do not travel with the cake on the car seat as the slant of the seat may cause damage to the cake. We also advise that you do not travel with the cake on your lap as the cake is more likely to be damaged if sharp braking etc occurs. Please take extra care when driving with your cake. Mimi's Treats & Sprinkles cannot take any responsibility for damage to cakes when collected and transported by the customer.


All cakes should be stored in a cool dry place and in the box provided unless other instructions are given. Please ensure they are kept out of direct sunlight. Mimi's Treats & Sprinkles cannot take any responsibility for damage to cakes due to improper storage by the customer. We recommend that all our products are consumed within 3 days of collection/delivery.


Mimi's Treats & Sprinkles takes complaints very seriously. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we would be extremely saddened if this is not reached. Therefore, any complaints will be dealt with as swiftly as possible, and we will do our utmost to rectify the situation. Corrections and minor changes when things are wrong can usually be corrected on the same day in most cases, and the customer is required to give Mimi's Treats & Sprinkles the opportunity to do this. The customer must notify us within one hour of receiving the product. We will strive to resolve the issue in a timely manner. However, please understand that some complaints may need some time and investigation to be resolved. In this case the product must be returned to us within 24 hours so that we can fairly assess the nature of the complaint. Photographs of the product can be helpful. However, they will not be accepted as an alternative to returning the product for inspection. The maximum refund offered at any time depending on the outcome of our assessment will not exceed the total cost of the product. No further compensation will be given.

Food allergy disclaimer

Mimi's Treats & Sprinkles is Not an allergy free kitchen. We recognise the seriousness of food allergies and cannot guarantee that our products are free from any of the following 14 allergens; Celery, Cereals containing gluten (such as wheat, barley,and oats), Crustaceans (such as prawns, crabs and lobsters), Eggs, Fish, Lupin, Milk, Molluscs (such as mussels and oysters), Mustard, Peanuts, Sesame, Soybeans, Sulphur dioxideand sulphites (if the sulfer dioxide and sulphites are at a concentration of more than ten parts per million), and Tree nuts (such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, brazil nuts, cashews, pecans, pistachios, and macadamia nuts). Nut-free, Gluten-free and Alcohol-free cakes can be made on request. However, whilst we strictly adhere to Environmental Health guidance regarding cross contamination of allergens and do our best to keep ingredients with allergens separate, they are not made in separate kitchens so we are unable to guarantee that these cakes will not contain trace amounts of these allergens/ingredients. The customer agrees that they acknowledge this and it is their responsibility to inform guests or any other consumers of the allergen information and do not hold Mimi's Treats